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Gold Rushes


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Resources for Learning - Years 4-7

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bullet Gold - Read or download these facts on gold.
bullet Discovernet: Australian Tales - Gold rush!
bullet SBS Gold!  Explore the impact of the gold rushes on Australia and uncover the stories of the diggers
bullet Life on the goldfields in the pictures in this virtual gallery
bullet "Charcoal" WIlliams - Gold in Australia. An online book of the life of a Welsh immigrant seeking gold in the 1800s
bullet Gold! the gold rush sites of Far North Queensland
bullet Australian Gold : The rush to riches
bullet Hill End History
bullet Gold - The Biggest & The Best - the really big nuggets
bullet Aussie Gold Locations
bullet Prophet Goldmine - at Kilkivan, Qld where the first Qld discoveries of gold occurred. Read the history
bullet WA Goldfields History
bullet Heron's Reef Historic Gold Diggings.  - with a good photo album
bullet Gold Licence's and Miner's Rights


bullet Gold! Gold! Gold! - an Online Research Module  for Year 5-6
bullet Bushrangers - an Online Research Module for Years 4-5
bullet Sovereign Hill - Interactive Map -
bullet Gold Downunder - When you've learnt all about gold in Australia and how it is used, try the quiz
bullet Bushrangers - Clickable worksheet
bullet Life on the Australian Goldfields - Internet scavenger hunt which will build up your background knowledge of the gold rushes
bullet Are you worth your weight in gold?
bullet Eureka Rebellion 1854





Resources for Teaching

bullet Gold! Gold! Gold - The Language of the Nineteenth-Century Australian Gold Rushes
bullet The Australian Gold Rush - Stories from Australia's Culture and Recreation Portal
bullet Gold 150 - Exhibit - good source of images for visual literacy
bullet Bushrangers Picture Trail - Picture Australia's collection of bushranger images
bullet Chinese Miners - Scroll well down the page to links to view photographs of Chinese immigrants in the gold rush days.



Sovereign Hill Education - Research Notesfor Primary students


Gold: WebQuest - for Qld Year 5, by Jonathon Clark


Gold and Civilisation - Student's and Teacher's packs can be downloaded here. They are comprehensive resource for teachers planning a unit of work on the impact the discovery of gold has had on Australia. The teachers' pack also includes information on current mining methods and the uses of gold in contemporary society.



Updated March 2007